Responsible for the identification and assessment of the various impacts on the natural environment arising in electric power systems, and the recommendation of appropriate monitoring, management and control measures.

Impacts addressed will include greenhouse gases, air and water pollution, electromagnetic fields, noise, visual, land use and flora and fauna impacts.

Major considerations will include: sustainable development vs. economic development; risk assessment and the economics of impact containment; effective communication with the public and regulatory authorities.

Tools and measures for quantifying, controlling and mitigating the environmental impact such as life-cycle assessment (LCA), environmental product declarations (EPD), global benchmarking, etc. are included in the scope.

The committee shall be well aware of the activities of global organisations in the environmental field and when necessary establish cooperations and/or liaisons.


The Study Committee shall support and work closely together with relevant equipment and systems committees within its field of responsibility.
Each Study Committee is responsible for environmental questions related to its scope of work.